Sunday, May 18, 2008

Keynote Tatsuya Suda Presentation Title and Abstract Now Up

Keynote speaker Tatsuya Suda's presentation title and abstract are now available at:

Molecular Communication: A New Paradigm for Communication Among Biological Nanomachines

Molecular communication is a new paradigm for nano-scale communication between biological or artificial nanomachines (artificial or biological nano-scale devices that perform simple computation, sensing, or actuation). Molecular communication applies the nano and micro-scale communication mechanisms from biological systems to allow nanomachines to communicate by using molecules as a communication carrier over a short distance.

Nanomachines that communicate may achieve tasks that cannot be accomplished by a single nanomachine and can spur the creation of entirely new applications. Such applications may include distributed computing through communicating nanomachines that function as basic logic gates and human health monitoring through communicating nanomachines that act as implant devices monitoring molecules and conditions in a human body.

The class of molecular communication systems considered in this presentation consists of sender nanomachines, receiver nanomachines, carrier molecules, and the environment that these operate in. Senders and receivers include biological (such as cells) and biologically derived (such as molecular motors or sensors taken from biological systems) nanomachines that are capable of emitting and capturing carrier molecules (such as proteins, ions, or DNA). The environment is the aqueous solution that is typically found within and between cells.

This presentation explains initial ideas for molecular communication. This presentation also covers basic communication processes in molecular communication and key system components that form a molecular communication system. It also illustrates research issues necessary to create molecular communication.

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